Leg Day: Cardio Style

Ready to run.

If you are in a cycle of training where you're working on faster run, swim, or ruck times, you may want to lay off heavy weights for a month or so and focus on your pace and lungs. Here is a sample leg and cardio day that works really well at building up your pace and the endurance of your legs for longer events.

Warm up with a one mile run and stretches.

Repeat 4 times

  • 1/2 mile run fast
  • Squats 20
  • Lunges 10/leg
  • Light stretch 1min

Repeat 4 times

  • 1/4mile sprint
  • Squats 20
  • Lunges 10/leg

Run 2 miles at an easy pace.

Ruck or swim with fins for 30 minutes for max distance and time.

A great way to top off your leg day is to swim with fins and/or ruck for 30-45 minutes. Find some hills for more leg burn as well.

Obviously this is not a beginner run/leg PT day. This workout totals 6 miles of running and many reps of leg PT. Build up to this level over time if you are not a runner yet. Replace running with high resistance-level biking to have a non-impact option of this workout.

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