Assessment Week and Turning Your Test into a Workout

Fitness Test Workout
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Fairly regularly we all should assess ourselves to see where we are on our fitness goals and standards we set for ourselves. This may mean a 1 rep max (1RM) heavy lift test, a long distance run, bike, row, ruck, or swim, a shorter distance sprint, and of course the PT test. Whether it is a military, police, or special ops fitness test you are training for, or you just want to see how to compare, here are some ways to make a workout day out of the test.

Take a pick of just one or try more than one fitness test and see if you can fit it into a 45-60 minute workout period. Make it a workout with different arrangements, mix and match events, and create a fun test that helps you assess where you are with the variety of fitness elements tested.

Military PT Tests

Army PFT Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min 2 mile run *add 2 mile ruck for time

Navy PFT (AF uses 1 min PT) Pushups 2 min Crunches 2 min 1.5 mile run

USMC Crunches 2 min Pullups 3 mile run

*consider a swim or bike or elliptical if you prefer a non impact option to use as a cool down. ** or replace any situp / crunch exercise with plank pose 2 min

Special Ops

BUD/S PST / AF PJ PAST 500yd or meter swim Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min Pullups max 1.5 mile run (add 2 x 25m underwater if you wish)

STO / CRO PAST Test 1500m swim with or without fins 3 mile run Pushups 2min Situps 2 min Pullups max

Ranger Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min Pullups max 5 mile run

*add in 300 yd shuttle run for speed test (6 x 50yd) **adding a 3-4 mile ruck with 40-50# is something to consider if you have time or save for a different day of the week.


FBI Situps 1 min 300m sprint Pushups 1 min 1.5 mile run Pullups max

DEA Pullups max Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min Shuttle run 120yd (4 x 30yd) 2 mile timed run

FLETC Toe touch Illinois Agility Test 1.5 mile run Bench Press – 1 rep max weight *variety of bench press tests available: Max reps of bodyweight (or percentage of BW) Max reps of given weight

If you really want to challenge yourself, double it. That is right – do your fitness test twice. There are many more comprehensive fitness tests available as well:

Tactical Fitness Dirty Dozen Ranger Athlete – Warrior Test (RAW) The goal of this assessment day is to see where you are and how you may want to rearrange your workouts to help you hit your performance goals in the future.

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