Ask Stew: Super Bowl Gut Check Workout


On big Holiday feast days, it is common to see people getting after it with a challenging high calorie burning workout prior to a smorgasbord of great food and drink. Our local group typically does a traditional Thanksgiving Day workout that lasts a good 1.5 to 2 hours the morning prior to feasting. We do the same on birthday parties and other Holiday events where relaxing, eating, drinking, and barbequing is the plan of the day. I never thought about it, but Super Bowl Sunday is perfect for a Gut Check Workout to help you not feel as guilty when enjoying the benefits of a friends Super Bowl party event. Here is a related email that gave me such inspiration:

Stew, I would appreciate a workout which burns enough calories to make me feel less guilty about eating so much during the Super Bowl. Mistakes WILL be made. Thanks – Ben

NO – thank you! This is a great idea. Consider it done. It is now on the schedule to have a challenging workout on Super Bowl Sunday for my group of local workout partners. Typically a rest day during the week, we will make Sunday early afternoon a challenging workout where we might burn 600-700 calories. That is a good amount of calories to have in the bank prior to a several hour Super Bowl party.

Remember, one beer is typically 100-150 calories depending on the brand. Some beers are less than 100 calories (if you want to call them beer). A cookie is 100 calories. One chicken wing is 60 calories (less if you take off skin). 10 chips and salsa is 150 calories. As you can see, the snacks and foods at a Super Bowl party will quickly add up in total calories. If you can burn 600-700 calories (or more) prior to a Super Bowl party, that should help you feel a little less guilty.

Here are some ways to put some calories in the bank prior to game time: 1 – Sand Baby Murph 2 – Go Ruck – 1 hour of rucking can burn up to 600 calories. 3 – Go Swim – 30-45 minutes can burn 600-700 calories. 4 – Go Walk – If you are a walker, it may take a little longer. Typically you can burn 300 calories an hour of walking. So yes, it takes about an hour of walking to burn off 5 chicken wings. Top it off with a core workout: Stew Smith Core PT / TRX Good luck this week. Build up your calorie deficiency bank, and not just the day of the Super Bowl. Try it all week. An extra 100-200 calories burned a day can add up to steady weight loss after steady weight gain of the winter football season.

Or you can just not eat or drink at the game. Haha -- Just kidding…

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