Tactical Fitness with Stew Smith: Peaking in the PT Pyramid

Army PT on a track.

Hi Stew,

What's the best way to increase your PT pyramid score? I've been able to do up to 10 and back down to one. I've also done one up to 15, but I've needed someone to hold my feet after I hit 10. Would it be better to do the pyramid by going up by increments of one every day or two? So on Monday I’d progress to 10 and come down, then on Wednesday I’d push to 11.

I have loved the Pyramid Workout since I first started my PT journey from a football player and power lifter preparing for SEAL training. It works!  However, you may be ready for a new level of PT workouts. You can definitely get stronger in pull-ups by doing more pull-ups with the PT Pyramid, but once you are able to do a 1-10-1 PT pyramid, it is time to mix in other types of workouts like the Super Set or the Max Rep Set

I would still do your Pyramid PT once a week, but now it is time to start building on the PT foundation you have created.  Adding the other workouts in the PT Progression Series is a way to break up the monotony of the Pyramid as well as push new boundaries in your PT endurance and muscle stamina.

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