Workout of the Week: TRX Options #2 - Circuit Options


Sometimes you need a break from high repetition calisthenics and / or heavy weight training in your program. Here is a mix of warming up with calisthenics and dumbbell / TRX options for a workout program with a change of pace:

Warmup - Squat / Pushup Pyramid - run 25m in between 1-10: 1 squat/1pushups - run 25m, 2squat/2 pushups run 25m... repeat and climb up to 10...Stop / stretch

Weight Machine / Barbells / Calisthenics

Repeat 3 times Pullups max Pulldowns 10 Rows 10/arm Front Squat 10 Push press 10 Power Clean 5 Bench Press 5-10 Plank Pose 1 min


TRX / Dumbbell Options

Repeat 3 times TRX Squat / Rows 10 TRX Squat / High Rows 10 TRX Squat / Wide Row 10 TRX Hand Stand Pushups 5-10 MJDB #2 -10 TRX Atomic Pushups max TRX Rollouts 10

Followed by Lightweight Shoulder Run or Swim


Run 1.5 mile warmup Repeat 5 times ¼ mile sprint ¼ mile easy jog


Swim Swim – 500m warmup Repeat 5 times 100m free at 6-8 strokes per breath 100m CSS at goal pace

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