Weekly Workout: Weight Vest Weekend

Weight Vest Weekend

Here is a new carry weight workout using a weight vest that can be done just about anywhere.  This is great for those of you who are traveling during the Holidays:

Weight Vest Weekend

If you have no vest, then carry 30 Db/KB or wear a backpack during transitions: Pushup / 30m Run pyramid: 15 minutes – non-stop.  How high can you get in 15 minutes? Here is how the pyramid for time works:

  • Run 30 meters do 1 pushup
  • Run 30 meters do 2 pushups
  • Run 30 meters do 3 pushups…keep going and increasing every set for 15 minutes. 

Note if you start to fail – you can start over at 1 again or try to repeat in reverse order for the remainder of the 15 minute non-stop workout. How high can you get? Stair climb and Squat Pyramid, 15 minutes:  Up and down stairs for 15 minutes and do the squat pyramid each direction: Here is how the Stair / Squat pyramid for time works:

  • Up/Down Steps - do 1 squat
  • Up/Down Steps - do 2 squats
  • Up/Down Steps – do 3 squats…keep going and increasing every set for 15 minutes. 

How high can you get in 15 minutes?

Dips / Lunges 10 minutes Pyramid (no travel in between sets)

  • 1 dip / 1 lunge/leg
  • 2 dips / 2 lunges/leg...do for 10 minutes
  • How high can you get in 10 minutes?

Weight Vest / Weight Room mix: Max pullups with weight vest Repeat for 3 sets

  • Pullups 5 (or max if less than 5 reps)
  • Dead lifts 5  or
  • Leg press 10

Max pullups without weight

Cardio Cool Down:  Your option to spend 15-20 minutes of easy paced run, bike, elliptical, row or swim.

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