Weekly Workout: Weight Vest Leg Day

Marines on a 5k ruck march.

Mixing in a weight vest or ruck of 30-40lbs while doing calisthenics can quickly turn easy leg PT into a very challenging workout.  Simply walking up and down stairs will become an event.  Topping off a weight-vest cycle with a normal leg-day weight-lifting routine and a swim with fins or a ruck can prepare your legs for the rigors of your tactical profession.

Warm up with 5 minutes of cardio and leg stretching.


Run a 25m pyramid, 1-20:

  • 1 squat – run 25m
  • 2 squats – run 25m
  • 3 squats – run 25m
  • Keep going non-stop to 20

This equals 210 squats; the workout just got real! Afterwards:  Walk up and down a flight of stairs 20 times with weight or vest and ruck. Every 5th flight of steps, do a shuttle run of 4 x 25m (you can take out the run and vest if you prefer to work on agility).

Then hit the weights:

Repeat 4-5 times:

  • Squats 5
  • Deadlifts 5
  • Or leg press 10

Top it off with cardio that still works the legs.

Repeat 5 times

  • Swim 200m with fins
  • Tread water with fins holding 20-25lbs DB for 1 minute
  • Or Ruck 30-45 minutes with weight vest or ruck.


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