Weekly Workout: Weight Vest 50-50

Weight Vest Weekend

Here is a workout that requires a weight vest or back pack of 30-40 pounds (or 25% of your bodyweight) in segments of the plan. During the non-weighted pullups, planks, abs, squats and cardio there is no need to wear the weight vest, however, during the pushup and run superset and the stair climb and squat superset, you need to wear a weight vest. This workout is tough even without a weight vest, so if you do not have one, try it anyway. 

Total repetitions of pullups to be done throughout the workout:

  • Pullups 25 weighted – Can be spread out through the weight vest portion of the workout
  • Pullups 25-50 non weighted – Can be spread out in multiple sets through the non-weight vest portion of the workout

Bench press 3 x 5-10 (moderately heavy weight)

  • Rest with plank 1 minute and pullups
  • Pushups with run and weight vest 100 total reps  (do 10 pushups run 50m - 10 pushups - run ...until 100 reps completed

Squats 3 x 5-10 reps (moderately heavy weight)

  • Rest with abs of choice 50 /pullups
  • Squats with weight vest 100 total reps of up/down stairs - 10 reps - do 10 times for 10 flights plus 100 reps

Burn 100 calories as fast as you can on atreadmill, bike or elliptical going as fast as you can at highest levels incline and resistance as you can handle it. Elliptical Tabata Interval

20 sec sprint and 10 sec easy for 20 minutes. If you have no bike or elliptical to do the interval, try mixing in 20 minutes of 30 seconds of running fast and 30 seconds running slow for the interval challenge.

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