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People often ask me if I like to do full-body workouts in one workout day (every other day) or split the upper body and lower body workouts into two different days. 

Well, I like both. However, if you are fairly advanced and like higher volume workouts, you may be better off with a split routine. Full-body workout days are great every other day with cardio-only days in between, but doing a split routine will allow you to push your resistance training on several days back-to-back.

You can always follow a split routine with a cardio option like the advanced options below:

Upper Body / Cardio Mix Lower Body / Cardio Mix
Warmup 5 minute jog or bike

Reverse PT Pyramid:

20-16:  Pushups, reverse pushups, arm haulers, abs of choice - run 100m after each set

15-11:  Burpees, birds, abs of choice - run 100m after each set

Weight PT Pyramid:

10-6:  Pullups or pulldowns, barbell rows, shoulder press

5,4,3,2,1:  Bench press, pullups (wt) or pulldowns heavy, plank pose 1 min

Do all exercises in circuit format for the level of the pyramid you are on.

We did the PT section on a bball court and ran 3 lengths to get 100m roughly.

Run 2-3 miles or

Swim: 500m, 400m 300m 200m, 100m - rest with 2 min tread in between each set.  

Swim any stroke or mix it up as desired.

Weight Vest Leg Day

With Weight Vest

Run Squat pyramid 1-10

Run 25m 1 squats, run 25m 2 squats, ...to 10

Repeat 10 times

Stairs = up / down 1 flight

- 10 squats

*take off weight vest

Repeat 2 times

200yd shuttle runs - break up into 5 x 40yd laps.

Repeat 5 times

Hang clean 5

Front squats 5

Dead lifts 5 

Run 2-3 miles - with 50-100m intervals spread throughout for last 1 mile


Swim or RUCK:

Swim 500m warmup

Swim 1000m with fins

Tread with weight for as many 1 minute sets as you can, or ruck 3 miles.

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