Weekly Workout: Full-Body Day


Here is a way to work all your muscles in one session arranged in a way where you can constantly be moving and recovering different muscle groups with "active rest."

Warmup / Start of Workout Combo

Running / Pushup / Squats Pyramid 1-15:

  • Run 25m
  • 1 squat and 1 pushup
  • Run 25m
  • 2 squats and 2 pushups
  • Continue up to 15

Make some of the runs dynamic exercises like butt kickers, Frankenstein walks, high knees, etc. Try them with a weight vest to make this section harder.

Lift / PT Phase

You can go heavy on the squats, even do weighted pullups if you can, or resort to pulldowns in place of pullups. 

Repeat 3 times

  • Squats 5
  • Max pullups or pulldowns 10
  • MJDB #2 - 10 or you can do hang clean and push press for 5-10 reps (non-stop)
  • Max pullups or heavy rows 10/arm (or use barbell / machine rows)

Lift / Core / Cardio Phase – Here is a way to mix in a few more muscle groups with your cardio option of choice.

Repeat 3 times

  • Run or bike 5- 10 minutes (depending on your time / ability)
  • Military press 10
  • Rows 10 - you can skip if you did rows in the above sets.
  • Farmer walk 50m – carry weight up / down stairs for 5 flights or 50m in one hand / 50m in the other.
  • Arm haulers 20 – Working the rear deltoids with this jem.
  • Plank pose 1 min

If you move through this one fast you can get it done in 60 minutes typically.


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