Weekly Workout: Adding in Suspension Training

Suspension training.

Here is a favorite workout of the week that includes a suspension trainer system like the TRX or gymnastic rings plus calisthenics, weights and cardio.  A complete mix.  If you are short on time, pick either the TRX or the Weight Circuit.  Save the cardio for another time of the day if you prefer.

Workout Mix of Options

Warmup with pyramid pushups and run sets: 1 pushups, 25m run, 2 pushups, 25m run up to 20 then – stop.

Tough warmup of 210 pushups if you do the full 1 to 20 pyramid UP. Do not return back down. The way this works is to do 1 pushup – run 25m, do 2 pushups – run 25m do 3 pushups. You can also make this run dynamic with stretches like butt kickers, high knee lifts, leg swings, side steps etc. and warmup the body during this section.

TRX Circuit

Repeat 4 times

Weight / PT Circuit

Repeat 4 times (pull/push mix)

  • Pullups max
  • Bench press 5-10 or TRX pushups 10-15
  • Pulldowns 10-15
  • Push press 10-15
  • Rows 10/arm
  • Situps 1 min, goal pace for fitness tests of plank pose 1 min

Run Intervals

Repeat 6 times

  • ¼ mile at goal mile pace
  • rest with 100m walk

Repeat 3 times

  • ½ mile at goal mile pace
  • Rest with 200m walk

Or SWIM if you prefer not to run today.


  • Swim 500m warmup
  • Repeat 10 times
  • Odd sets: 100m at goal pace for 500m timed swim
  • Even sets: 100m at faster than goal pace / sprint rest as needed
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