Weekly Workout: A Routine for Saturdays

Pull-up Push Workout

On Saturday's there is a group of vets and active duty in the Annapolis MD area that enjoy a moderate distance run warmup, a few obstacle courses, and a cooldown run to close out the workout.  If you have a standard USMC obstacle course or access to other courses like Army, Navy, Special Ops obstacle course, you can make a great workout out of it if you like to get outdoors and get your workouts done. It is a great way to do for free what many are paying for these days or a great way to prepare for these highly popular obstacle course races. Here is a recommended workout if you want to mix in an obstacle course or at least simulate an obstacle course workout:

With an O Course Available

Without an O course Available

  • Run 2 miles
  • Do USMC Obstacle Course 4-5 times with extra rope climbs for a total of 10 rope climbs
  • Run 2 miles

Run 2-3 miles

Obstacle Course Simulation Workout: 

  1. Pullup – run 50m – 1 burpee
  2. Pullups – run 50m – 2 burpees
  3. Pullups – run 50m – 3 burpees…
Keep going up the pyramid until you fail at pullups.  After the 5th set, change the method of travel – adding in bear crawl, fireman carries, walking lunges, low crawl, etc…

Run 2-3 miles

The simulation workout focuses on pulling, pushing muscles and full body movements as well as some of the other elements such as crawling, carrying objects, or climbing hills. Enjoy the workout – both options are fun to do if you do or do not have an actual course to use for the day.

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