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Bench Press Workout 600

In the tactical professions, it is agreed upon by many in the training business that you do not need to be great in one element of fitness at the expense of others. But, you do need to be good at ALL the elements of fitness, which include strength/power, speed/agility, endurance, muscle stamina, and flexibility/mobility. We all come from different backgrounds, and may have an athletic history that allows us to excel in certain elements of fitness and not others. The goal of any candidate preparing for selection, advanced training, or basic training is to make sure that you work on your weaknesses, because most tactical training programs will expose them.

Here is a workout out of the book "Tactical Fitness," which focuses more on the strength of the tactical athlete but touches on other elements as well: Jog or bike warmup 10 minutes / dynamic stretches / light stretch

Repeat 3 times Weighted pullups max (10-20#) Bench Press – bodyweight max reps Sit-ups or plank pose 1 min Illinois Agility Test

Repeat 3 times Dead lift 5 Overhead plate carry lunges – 10/leg KB swings 20 reps Fireman carry 50m or farmer walks 100m

Run, Ruck, or swim 20 minutes – how far do you get? Grip Circuit

Lightweight Shoulder Core Circuit Options

Coming this year, the new book "Tactical Strength" is coming out. It focuses solely on a cycle of strength and power with speed / agility set as a main source of cardiovascular events.

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