Stew’s Favorites: Spartan 300

1st Lt. Tyler Benjamin working out

When the Spartan 300 Workout came out after a very popular movie with nothing but ripped up actors playing the Spartan Warriors, many people started doing this type of 300 total rep workout spread over six exercises of 50 reps each. Here is just a sample of many combinations that are fun to add running to the max repetition circuit OR complete the 50 reps THEN rotate to the next exercise.

Spartan 300 Run /​ PT

1/​4 mile run at goal timed run pace (all runs) Push press 50 (barbell 50% bodyweight) 1/​4 mile run Kb swings 50 1/​4 mile run Pullups 50 1/​4 mile run Overhead weighted walking lunges 50/​leg (hold 25–40#DB) 1/​4 mile run TRX Atomic Pushups 50 or weight vest pushups /​ bench press 135# plank pose 2 min

You can either keep completing the reps for each exercise until you get 50 total then run. OR if you want to run MORE, you can max rep set /​ run 1/​4 mile keep that exercise /​ run combo until you get 50 reps. Good Full Body Workout… Optional: Cool down cardio 30 minutes of swim, bike, elliptical, easy.

Weight Cycle Spartan 300

Here is another way to build a Spartan 300 but with a weighted version of exercises in five different categories to get a fullbody workout:

Here are the movements of the body that when arranged like this insures a full body and balanced workout:

Push — Pick bigger movements like bench press or military press /​ some push press too.

Pull — Do weighted pullups, pulldowns, heavy rows

Leg — Exercises with moderate weight like squats, lunges, leg press

Full — These are more dynamic movements like dead lift, power clean, hang clean, thrusters, but easier versions too like the MJDB — multi-​​joint dumbbell exercise. (Take out the tricep ext if weight is too heavy)

Abs /​ Core — Mix in plank poses per cycle as well as weighted abs exercises.

Each of the above sections require a total of 60 reps. Arrange in any manner you wish but focus on a weight where you will get no more than 10–15 reps per set. So you will wind up doing 5–6 sets of the push, pull, leg, full, abs options. You can mix and match options if you wish as well.

Now if that is not enough for you, try another Build Your Own Spartan with a calisthenics version mixed with running or swimming.

Swim 200m or run 1/​2 mile

Every 60 reps do the run or swim until complete with 300 reps.

Push = pushups or dips

Pull = pullups

Leg = squats or lunges

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