Favorite Workout of the Week: Crawls, Carries, and Core

Bear Crawl - Stew Smith

Often during operations, tactical professionals will have to carry weighted gear while they crawl and perform other load bearing movements. Adding in exercises that both work the body at different angles or planes while holding or wearing additional weight can help with basic tactical working movements such as lifting gear overhead, pulling or dragging weight across the floor, or low crawling to avoid heat or other dangers involved with military, police, and firefighting professions. Here is a workout routine that has 30 minutes of work related movements, 30 minutes of rucking or swimming, a grip circuit to top off the grip challenges of previous circuit, and a cooldown run. As Many Rounds as Possible in 30 min

Farmer walk 200m – Carrying 25-40lb in one hand. Change hands as needed. Weight carry up/down steps 5 times Pullups – max (weighted or not) Pushups – max (weighted) KB swings 1 min Sandbag run/walk 100m (shoulder carry) Bear crawl 50m Walking lunges with weight overhead 50m TRX rollouts 10 TRX Movements with Weight Vest – 10 each Ruck or swim 30 minutes (depending upon your operational needs) Grip Circuit Run 30 minutes – or other form of non-impact cardio options as a cooldown. Lower back plan - do it later in the evening

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