Fitness Test of the Workout of Your Choice

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Many people get intimidated by taking fitness tests. One way to get over that anxiety of taking your next fitness test is to do it as a workout. You will want to focus on your future fitness test, according to the branch of service and specialty you plan on signing up for. However, once that is no longer an issue, try a different fitness test to challenge other elements of your fitness.

No fitness test has the answer to all the elements of fitness required for your job. Mix and match them to find tests to measure strength, muscle stamina, power, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility / mobility, running, rucking, swimming, and more.

If this isn’t enough for you and you are looking for a real challenge, try a double fitness test. Yes, that means do everything twice!  It makes a regular fitness test feel like a warmup, so give it a try.

Fitness Test of Your Choice:

Navy, Air Force Pushups 1-2 min Situps 1-2 min Sit and reach – toe touch 1.5 mile run

Navy SEAL/EOD/Diver: 500yd swim Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min Pullups max 1.5 mile run AFPJ / CCT PAST 500m swim 1.5 mile run Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min Pullups 2 min Upper Body Round Robin (UBRR)

Army Ranger: Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min Pullup max 5 mile run

USMC Crunches 2 min Pullups max 3 mile run

FBI / Police Fitness Test Situps 1 min 300m sprint Pushups max 1.5 mile run

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