Tactical Fitness: Plan B for the New Year

Stretching on the field.

Hi Stew!

I just want to say that I really like your latest article: No Excuses: Make a Plan B. This was exactly what I've needed to read before the New Year starts on Friday! 

So, after reading your article I've decided to, for the New Year, make my plan A  follow along with your workouts instead and making up my own. I'll also have a plan B on those days when life or circumstances makes it impossible for me to follow plan A.

My plan for next year looks as follows:

1st quarter (Jan – Mar): Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness – 12 weeks to BUD/S 2nd quarter (Apr – Jun): Navy SEAL Weight Training book 3rd quarter (Jul – Sep): Navy SEAL Workout Phase 2 - 3 Book 4th quarter (Oct – Dec): Maximum Fitness (Weight Lift Cycle)

Thanks again for a great article!

Kindest regards, RVR

Thank you, sir. Glad to hear you liked that piece. I still do many of those workouts in the books as well as trying / testing out new ideas every week. I do have some standard fallbacks as well.

Your choice to break up each quarter with a calisthenics and cardio cycle followed by a weight-lifting cycle is a good way to change things up and reduce repetitions and road miles, but increase weight training and non-impact cardio options. Your joints will thank you for the transition.

As it is in that article you mentioned, "I don't usually miss a workout, but when I do – I…"

  1. Make it a rest day and move on - stretch / foam roller for 15- 20 minutes later in the day.
  2. Do a PT Pyramid - classic backup.
  3. Do a PT Super Set  
  4. Walk 10 minutes after every meal or try to get a full 20-30 minute cardio in during lunch break and call it an easy cardio day.  Follow with mobility and stretching / foam rolling later in the evening.

These are my top personal fallbacks.  Hope they assist with your training this year...

Happy New Year!


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