Workouts: Reverse Pyramid #2

PT Pyramid

The Reverse Pyramid is a highly versatile method of creating a full-body workout plan. Here is another arrangement of exercises using the Reverse Pyramid from 20-1. This is a fairly advanced workout plan but you can adjust to fit a more intermediate level by resorting to pulldowns once you fail at pull-ups; replace the TRX with regular pushups or plank poses for rollouts, and use light weights for the lifting sections:

See workout cycle below:

Reverse Pyramid (new)

Warmup with a five minute jog or a 1–10 burpee or pushup pyramid mixed with 25m jog in between levels of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (burpee / pushups). Lift:

  • Bench – 5
  • Pulldowns – 5
  • Dead Lift – 5

20,19,18,17,16: Pullups, Abs, burpee or pushups /25m run pyramid

  • Bench – 5
  • Hang Clean – 5

15,14,13,12,11: Pullups, TRX Rollouts or plank pose 30 seconds each, KB swings

  • Bench – 5
  • Push Press – 5 to 10

10,9,8,7,6: Pullups, Weighted Squats, TRX rollouts or plank pose 30 seconds each 5,4,3,2,1: Pullups, Bench, Dead Lifts (moderately heavier weight each set but no 1 rep max kind of weight)

  • 2 mile run – easy pace
  • Swim 500m warmup any stroke
  • 5 x 300m goal pace
    • Rest with 2 min plank pose
  • 500m with fins

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