Workout of the Week: Push Pull Core Cardio


Our training program transitions from the higher repetitions PT / weights and higher mileage running to more of a 50-50 split of weights / PT and shorter / faster runs. Here is a way to mix in a full body workout with a mix of weights, calisthenics, short fast runs (as “rest” exercises), and a longer cooldown cardio event in a workout that can push 60-90 minutes if you do the entire program:

Warmup with burpee pyramid 1-10 with 25m runs in between Run 25m 1 burpee, run 25m 2 burpees…continue until you reach 10. You can mix in dynamic stretches during the 25m jogs as well. Repeat 4-5 times (or what time allows) Run 5 minutes – steady goal pace for timed runs. Pullups max Bench press 10 Pushups – immediately after bench press for max reps. Sit-ups or crunches 1 minute Weighted pullups – max (10-20 lbs) Push Press 10 Pulldowns 10 or DB rows 10/arm Stair crawl up/down or 25m bear crawl Plank pose 1 minute Lightweight Shoulder Circuit Swim 1 mile with fins or 25 minute bike, elliptical, or jog.

As you can see this is what we classify as a Push, Pull, Full, Core, Cardio cycle. Leg Day will be saved for tomorrow and mixed with interval paced running. Though it is not a heavy day on the full body movements, the added weights to this calisthenics program is an easy way to transition from calisthenics only workout cycles to more of a mix into full blown strength / weight cycles within the next 6-8 weeks.

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