Weekly Workout: Workout Travel Options and New Gear

Deadlift with the mobell muscle kit.

Most Weekly Workout posts tend to feature a combination of workouts for advanced and beginner athletes with a mix of weights, calisthenics, and cardio options that include running, rucking, swimming, and other non-impact cardio options if you need a break.  This one is a bit different because I realized I would not have had to change my work out on a travel day this week if I had a certain piece of equipment.

I missed this type of weight training program and had to replace it with the calisthenics and backpack workout that follows:

Planned Workout (if in my gym)

On the road option

Warm-Up: 20 minute ruck Strength Portion:

  • 4x10 - 90lb Walking Lunges 45#DB or tactical bags
  •  15-12-8 RM -  Deadlifts, @75% 

Stamina Portion:

3-4 Rounds:

  • 5RM Full Cleans and Press, 1x5 @80%
  • 300m Bulgarian Bag Run (when not strapped up, our bags perform as a Bulgarian w/ the outer handles)
  • 15 - 45lb Kettle Bell Swings (using bag)
  • 60sec butterfly Kicks on the case for elevation
Cool down and stretch

Warmup with travel backpack, 20 minute ruck Strength Portion:

(more endurance / stamina)

  • Walking lunges with back pack (total 45#) – total 60 reps
  • Only able to do deep squats with 40# for 40-50 total reps

Repeat 3-4 times

  • (Awkward) Backpack clean and press – sets of 10-15
  • Run with backpack – 300m shuttle run in parking lot.
  • Backpack swings – 15 (a little awkward)
  • Cool down jog 10-15 minutes

 However, if I had the MoBell Muscle Kit developed by some innovative Veterans, I could have done what I had designed originally without a single modification.  These sandbags can be filled at your destination and emptied for travel.  The barbell is easily assembled and the case can be used as a bench for barbell bench presses even.

MoBellMuscle.com is a new company working at making these the perfect travel training kit for people who need their barbells and bags.  These are ideal for military deployments, travel to places with typical hotel weight rooms, and your back yard. 

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