Weekly Workout: Rest with Knot Tying or Other Skills

Tying a knot.

Adding a skill to your workouts is a creative way of getting your brain involved with training, and lets you practice need-to-know skills under duress. Here is a full body workout that mixes calisthenics, running, weights, TRX, and swimming with a resting element of knot tying. In many military schools, knowing how to tie knots is critical. Learning to do them while dealing with an element of physical stress may help you perform better in a high stress situation.

Warmup Plus Section

Squat / Pushup Pyramid 1-20 with 25m run in between each set - stop at 20 (do not go down)

  • Every 5th set do max pullups and dips
  • Tie a knot as a rest*

*Equals 210 pushups / squats total.

Rest with knot tying as needed / every 5th set:  Bowline, right angle, square knot, becket's bend, clove hitch

Repeat 5 times

  • 5 min tabata interval (bike, elliptical or row) or just run 5 min fast
  • Pullups max
  • TRX atomic pushups max or bench press - Max reps at 135#
  • TRX Rollouts 10 or 1 min plank pose
  • Thrusters 10-15 (front squat / push press combo)
  • Dead lift 5
  • Farmer walk up/down steps 5 times carrying 30-40# weights / weight vest / ruck

Run 2-3 miles 

and / or Swim with fins 1000 timed (15-20 min)

Swim 5 x 100m sprints, rest with knot tying, 1 knot per set.


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