Weekly Workout: Lift and PT Combo

Weight lifting.

If you are a consistent exerciser, there comes a time in the year when you need to move your routine away from a long cycle of high repetition calisthenics and long miles of running or other cardio. A good way to do this is to reduce repetitions by adding weight to your calisthenics and adding weights to your PT workout. Replacing with non-impact options or reducing your running miles is also a smart way to get more out of your workouts without the risk of common overuse injuries. We call this Periodization.

Here is a method of changing things up just enough to reduce reps, increase resistance, and reduce miles of running and build some strength to go with your endurance and muscle stamina from previous cycles.

Add a Weight Vest (15-25 lbs) to pushup and pull-up exercises, and if you have no barbell, keep your vest on and use dumbbells for squats and deadlifts.

Pushup / Run Pyramid:

  • Run 50m – 1 pushups
  • Run 50m – 2 pushups
  • Run 50m – 3 pushups
  • Keep going to 10 with the weight vest

Moderate Weight Lifting:

Repeat 5 times

  • Squats 5 reps
  • Bench Press 5 reps
  • Pull-ups max with weight vest
  • Dead-lift 5

Pushup / Run Pyramid:

  • Run 50m – 10 pushups
  • Run 50m – 11 pushups
  • Run 50m – 12 pushups
  • Keep going to 20, or back down from 10 to 1 if your fitness level requires cool-down instead of  a max out. Use a weight vest.

Swim Intervals vs Running Distance or Longer Intervals Repeat 5-10 times

  • 100m at 8-10 strokes per breath free style
  • 50m CSS to catch your breath – easy pace
  • Enjoy – Move through this one fast as it will take you 90 minutes roughly.

Stew Smith works as a presenter / editorial board with the Tactical Strength and Conditioning program of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  There are also over 800 articles on Military.com Fitness Forum focusing on a variety of fitness, nutritional, and tactical issues military members face throughout their career.

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