Weekly Workout: Core, Cardio and Leg

Four-person teams worked together to push a humvee uphill for 50 meters (Air Force photo by Kelly White/Released)

This is a challenging cardio and leg day workout. It is designed to be tough on the grip, core, and your ability to move items up and down a steady incline, steps, or steep hill. Run 1 mile easy and stretch legs and lower back.

Carry Random Items Up a Hill:

5-10 big hill runs carrying weight:

Find a 100-200m steady incline or bleachers or stair climber for 2 minutes and run / walk fast carrying a variety of equipment such as:

Back pack of 40-50# Weight vest 30-40# Kettlebells / Dumbbells Sandbags (shoulder carry or head carry) Heavy buckets 45# Plates

Five Distance Events 100m bear crawl 100m lunges OH carry (40#)* 100m burpee jumps 100m farmer walk (40# each hand) 100m sled or prowler push / tow or sandbag run / carry

100 rep events: 100 push press (40#) 100 situps 100 squats (40#) 100 KB swings 100 flutterkicks

*40-45# = 40-45lb sand bag or barbell or plate

Run 1 mile easy / stretch legs and lower back

Do not do heavy weight if your core or lower back is weaker than other parts of your body. Though this sounds like a leg workout, carrying unbalanced weight is very challenging to the back. The workout puts the WORK in WORKout.

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