Weekly Workout: Build Your Own Full-Body Routine

military man working out

If you are ever wondering how to arrange a quick and effective workout routine that will work everything with a few exercises, they this Build Your Own Full Body Routine:

The method I like to use I call:  Push, Pull, Full, Legs, Core.

If you think about your exercises belonging to this category, you can arrange a workout of the day to cover a real full body workout:

You can try the 1 minute each exercise with calisthenics options for instance:

  • Push options: A variety of pushups to include (wide, regular, close grip, hand stand) or dips.
  • Pull options: A variety of pullups to include (wide, regular, reverse, close grip), Australian Pullups.
  • Full Body options: 8 count pushups, burpees, Turkish Get Ups.
  • Leg options: Squats, lunges, broad jumps, vertical leaps, box jumps, stair climbs.
  • Core options: Any abdominal exercise like situps, crunches, flutterkicks, or plank pose varieties.

Do each for 1 minutecalisthenics of each: Push, Pull, Leg, Full, Abs

Set #1:  Example exercise arrangement:  1 minute of each - pushups, pullups, burpees, lunges, plank pose – rest with 15 seconds in between each exercise.

Set #2: For your second set – add weight vest to the above exercises.

Set#3: Build your Own DB Workout: Select a group of DB exercises that follow arrangement of Push, Pull, Leg, Full, Abs (like Db military press, DB rows, DB squats, KB swings, Russian twists for 10-15 reps each)

Set#4: Try barbell sequence of opt for cardio cooldown for 15-20 minutes of your choice. Barbell options:  Bench press, barbell rows, front squats, hang clean, rollouts for 5-10 reps

So when trying to make a full-body workout that is quick and requires as much as you want in terms of equipment, try the PUSH – PULL – FULL – LEGS – CORE system.

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