SuperBowl Sunday Workout – 1st Annual (or SuperBowl Workout I)


I was recently motivated to start a new tradition -- a butt kicking workout on Super Bowl Sunday. It typically never fails. The Super Bowl ends up with me at a party having over-eaten and had one too many beers. So, to feel less guilty about a feast day that rivals Thanksgiving, here is a plan to add a few more calories to the bank that day on what is usually a "rest day."

If you are a cardio lover: Get outside and walk, jog, or put on a back pack and ruck for an hour. Depending on what you select, you can burn in the range of 300 – 600+ calories per hour. If the weather outside is not agreeing with you and is responsible for your lack of outdoor activities, go to a gym, get on a treadmill, bike, rower, or swim and you can burn even more calories in an hour of a variety of challenging cardio.

If you want to lift or PT: Find a pullup bar and mix in a PT Pyramid (pullups, pushups, situps) or get in the gym and lift. Mix in some 5 minute cardio intervals (fast / slow) to burn extra calories during your time in the gym and "rest" the muscles in between sets of lifting. If you have a TRX, you cannot go wrong with an intense TRX workout mixed with some following intervals for cardio.

Classic TRX Workout TRX and Stretching Workouts Classic 5 x 5 and TRX options For optimal results -- Do both: PT / Lift and Following Cardio Cooldown Mix in any of the above options together from the resistance and cardio lists and get it done. Give yourself a good and steady movement time of 60-90 minutes for the highest amount of calorie burn and, I promise, you will not feel guilty about enjoying yourself, OR you will crave healthier food and drink options after busting it earlier in the day. Football Fans: Maybe if we treat the entire season like this, 25-33 percent of us will not have an average weight gain of 10-20 pounds. Enjoy the game, and go get some! Related Super Bowl Calorie Burnout Articles: Football Season Weight Gain for the Fan. Super Bowl Gut Check – More Ideas for Workouts of the Day

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