Weekly Workout: Moderate Workout with Options

Lance Cpl. Ronald Hinson from Heath Springs, South Carolina, competes in the push up challenge (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Stephen D. Himes/Released).

Some people see a workout online with exercises like pullups or weight lifting and shut it down immediately due to their current level of fitness.

The workout below has several options and descriptions of much more difficult exercise with easier exercise options for ANY level of fitness. See below for a full body workout routine that you can do at home (with dumbbells, cardio machine, or a place to walk or bike).

The main thing to remember is to get creative with workout so you can adjust and fit them to your level of fitness: Fullbody: Push, Pull, Leg, Full body, Cardio, and Core Repeat 3 times

Walk or bike 5 min – if you have no place to walk or no bike or use, try walking around the house or up and down a flight of stairs several times or just do jumping jacks or run in place for 2 minute set.

Squats 10-20 – You can do half squats where you just go down half way from a full squat or sit down in a chair and simply stand up – try not to use your hands but it is OK if you need to.

Pushups – 10-15 – You can do knee pushups, chair (sturdy) pushups or even wall pushups if need be. If you have a hard time with any pushups, try the Reverse Pushup and flex the upper back / stretch the chest muscles.

Pullups max – If you have a pullup / dip bar device, you can do pullups on the dip bar or low bars with your feet on the ground doing less than 50% of your body weight. Or just skip and move onto DB rows.

DB rows 10/arms – This can be done with water bottles or very light dumbbells

Sit-ups or Crunches 20 – Reduce the repetitions and do crunches vs situps, or a plank pose on your knees if you need a way to work the core without movement.

Pushup / Move pyramid 1-5: 1 pushup run 25 yards, 2 pushups run 25 yards ...up to 5 reps.  It is fine to walk or do jumping jacks in between these pushups. This is a great one if done in the yard, driveway, local park, football field, etc.

Lightweight shoulders 5# - You can do these with water bottles or no weight at all and still feel it in the shoulders.  This workout series is meant to be very light. (video) Repeat 3 times

MJDB#2 – 10 – This is a great way to replace barbell lifts such as weighted squats, dead lifts, even hang cleans by breaking up these exercises into dumbbell squats, into a bicep curl, into a military press, and followed by a tricep extension.

Lunges 5/leg – If lunges hurt the joints, you can try to bend the knees on a flight of steps in a lunge fashion or hold onto something and drop to a knee in a lunge postion and use your arms to help you stand up each repetition.

Farmer Walks – Carry a weight (light or heavy) in one hand and walk for about 1 minute.  Try to focus on keeping your core tight and walking as upright and straight as possible

Crunches 20 – replace with fewer repetitions or plank pose for 20-30 seconds.  Use your knees to plank pose if needed.   Cardio Cooldown or Intermittent Cardio Through the Day Walk / jog or bike 20 min - You can break this 20 minute routine into a series of 5-10 minute walks if you prefer.  Maybe a 5-10 minute walk after every meal in your day. The goal of this article is to give you ideas to continue with a workout and eliminate excuses to skip a workout because several exercises are out of your range.

“You will not see a difference, until you try something different!” 

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