March Pushup Madness


Add another dimension to your NCAA basketball tournament bracket. While you are placing your picks and getting fired up to cheer on your favorite teams, challenge your friends to this simple game. It's free, and everyone is a winner (even if you get every pick wrong), and will help counteract the effects of all the beer you will consume over the next couple weeks.


1. Once the NCAA tournament selections have been made, have everyone in your pool select their picks for the first round only

2. Each person designates their "stake." Stakes are based a person's level of fitness and determine how many pushups and pullups they will commit to in each round. Choose between the following stakes: Just for Fun (one set of designated reps per exercise per round), Serious Fan (two sets), and Die Hard (three sets). 

3. Each round, determine the number of pushups and pullups each person has to complete. Option: you can have each person complete on their own honor, or while the group is together. Try and complete all designated pushups and pullups in the least amount of sets possible.

4. Keep track of totals over the course of the tournament. There will be two overall winners for this bracket tournament: (1) the person with the most correct picks, and (2) the person with the most total pushups plus pullups. Winner 1 wins the glory of having the best picks; Winner 2 receives the benefits from having done the most upper body strength work over the tournament; everyone gets the benefit of improving their pushups and pullups. You can't win that in Vegas.

Use this chart to determine how many pushups and pullups each person has to do per round:

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Alden Mills, creator of the Perfect Pushup, is CEO of Perfect Fitness, based in CA. Massachusetts born, Alden went to the Naval Academy where he went on to become a Navy SEAL. After retiring in 2000, he earned his MBA at Carnegie Mellon. His ultimate mission is to inspire everyone to pursue their own dreams. For more from Alden, check out

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