How Much Protein?

How Much Protein?

Protein supplements are a staple in any bodybuilder's supplement arsenal.

Depending upon who you listen to, you'll get different answers for "how much protein" you should consume in order to build muscle.

Bodybuilding magazines and supplement manufacturers tell you you should consume at least "2 grams of protein per pound of body weight" because you need all that protein to recover from your workouts and increase muscle mass.

But are they blowing these dosages way out of proportion?

I mean, supplement companies who promote massive dosages (I've seen up to 5g/lb of body weight!) couldn't POSSIBLY be trying to get you to consume more of their product so you'll go and buy another tub, right?

Fact is, I've caught a LOT of hell over the years from so called "experts" for my statements in my Optimum Anabolics program where I've said that the body CAN'T use more than 20-30g per meal.

Well a recent study looked at just how much protein is "enough" and how much is "too much".

Protein Study: How Much Protein Should You Consume?

A group of highly trained athletes consumed one of five different doses following a bout of resistance exercise.

    * Og: The "control" group     * 5g     * 10g     * 20g     * or 40g

Following exercise, ALL groups increased muscle-protein synthesis, but the 20g dose produced nearly DOUBLE the amount of muscle-protein synthesis than the control group!

The 40g dose was even higher, but not by all that much. Therefore, it appears that even after resistance training, your body can only USE so much protein (somewhere between 20g and 40g) and then the rest gets burned up as fuel.

Even in Optimum Anabolics, I recommend way less protein than most people take in (1.17g/lb of LEAN body weight) with about 25% of your daily protein requirement taken IMMEDIATELY after training.

By not consuming "too much" protein, your body can focus on burning FAT for fuel instead of the excess protein which is why OA is considered more of a "build and burn" bodybuilding program.

So stop overdosing on protein, will you?

Consume about 20g in 5 meals throughout the day and add a separate 30-40g serving immediately after your workouts to ensure full muscle-protein synthesis when you need it the most.

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Jeff Anderson is a 10 year veteran of the U.S. Army, a Master Fitness Trainer, and Master Instructor of Close Quarters Combat self defense. A full time fitness and self defense author, Jeff has trained thousands of men and women in the practical application of advanced military fitness methods as well as close combat tactics for "real life" self defense.

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