Workout of the Week: PT Super Sets – Upper body and Full body Movements

Senior Airman Nicholas Liuzzi, 56th Aerospace Medicine Squadron public health technician, performs a pushup at the Luke Air Force Base track April 17. Pushups help in strengthening abdominal muscles. Core muscles engage while helping to support the body during a pushup. (U.S. Air Force photo/Grace Lee)

If you want to change things up from the pullup, pushups, sit-up PT Super Sets, simply add in a fast run (or non impact cardio) and a few movement exercises like the kettlebell swing, hang clean with push press, or a bicep with military press dumbbell combination.

Here is a new workout routine using the Super Set / Circuit format but can challenge multiple movements along with the basics of calisthenics.

Sometimes the logistics requires some creative thinking to mix this one into your daily training plan. We do this one on a high school track and bring a barbell or sandbag and kettlebell and set up shop near the pullup bars. You can also do this on a local park with a set of monkey bars or pullups. Many opt to do this in their carport or garage with a few pieces of equipment in the home gym.  If you have a full gym and lack somewhere to run, try doing your cardio on a treadmill or a non impact cardio machine for 2 minutes fast every set.

  • Run 1 mile / light stretch
  • Repeat 5-7 times (if you feel like doing 10 sets – go for it)
  • Run 400m fast or at goal mile pace (your choice)
  • Pullups 5-15*
  • Pushups 20-25
  • Situps 20-30
  • Hang Clean / Push Press 10 (barbell or sandbag)
  • KB swings 20
  • Run 1 mile

*Use TRX rows or pulldowns / rows for pullup replacement if needed on sets you fail

**add TRX atomic pushups for harder option if preferred 

This type of training will help you work on core strength as well as the transition required when going from calisthenics fitness testing into a run.

Mini - Mobility Non Impact and Swim Cooldown

  • Repeat 3 times
  • 5 min bike, elliptical, row or swim
  • 5 min stretch / foam roll / or massage tool
  • Swim addition:
  • Swim 10 minutes – easy
  • Tread 10 minutes

Do as many dynamic stretches in chest deep water 10 minutes as you can think of.

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