Workout of the Week: Mix of Calisthenics Reps with Fast Runs & Weighted Legs

Marines flip over obstacles and climb ropes as the sun peers over the horizon. The training was part of an obstacle course during which Marines retained team and morale building techniques.

This full body workout is a combination Spring Training sample of calisthenics and leg strength/endurance for fitness tests and running faster for timed runs. Depending upon your previous workout cycle, this cycle is a good transition from a lifting cycle to getting ready for running progression and higher reps / PT test cycles. Check out the segments of the full workout below:

This “warmup section” challenges your max reps of pushups and will build some leg endurance. These are meant to be done without weight, however, if you are advanced, adding a body armor weighted vest (15-20 lbs.) makes this a harder challenge.

“Warmup” Pyramid 10 pushups / squats* 20 pushup/squats* 30 pushups/squats* - max Pullups/dips 40 pushup/squats* 50 pushup/squats* 40 pushup/squats* - max Pullups/dips 30 pushup/squats* 20 pushup/squats* 10 pushup/squats* * run 200m in between sets

As the above “warmed up” the legs and pushing exercises with short and faster runs to get you winded, the below section focuses on the pulling muscles and adding some weight to the legs. The cardio section is basically just walking up and down a flight of stairs three times while carrying weight in your hands or as a weight vest.

Pull and Legs Repeat 3 times Pullups max Db Squats 10 Farmer walks with DBs up/down flight of stairs 3x Pulldowns 10 Db rows 10/arm Plank pose 1 min

PT Reset – Anytime you start to progress with your repetitions of pushups and other chest exercises, mix in some opposing muscles groups with the following calisthenics circuit that works the upper back and rear deltoid muscles.

Repeat 2 times Rev pushups 20 Birds 20 Arm haulers 20 Side Plank pose 1 min (30 secs each side)

2 mile run or 15 minute bike, elliptical, or row if you need a non-impact option.

Swim 10 x 100m swims (any stroke) - You can mix in the pushups from the above set if you did not finish with the 150 total reps.  Or rest in between sets with a 30-60 second tread (arms only or legs only)


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