Sandbaby 500: Workout of the Week

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Here is a different take on the Sandbaby Murph created a few months ago. This is a total 500 repetition count of five different exercises added together. See below:

Run 1 mile – warmup

Break into max repetition sets and make a circuit of the following exercises:

Pullups Push Press (with sandbag or weight) Lunges (chest carry with sandbag or weight) Squats (shoulder carry with sandbag or weight) Situps (chest carry with sandbag or weight) Do 100 repetitions of each of the exercises above (total added of all exercises), but run 1 mile every 125 repetitions. Your total running distance will be 5 miles by the end.

Sample sets:  25 Pullups 50 Push Press 25 lunges / leg = 50 reps The above equals 125 – so run a mile. Come back and start where you left off: 25 Squats 25 25 Situps 25 20 Pullups 30 Push Press 25 Squats The above equals 125 – run a mile…

Keep moving through the circuit, keeping track of your repetitions for each exercise. Once you have 100 reps of that exercise, you no longer have to do it.

Arrange the exercises any way you wish.


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