Life and Pain: Embrace It and Own It and Reach Your Goals

A Pep Talk by Stew for your Monday Motivation!

"The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret."

The above statement was derived from John Crohn's very popular quote:

"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.

This quote says it all. Life is painful and never easy and no matter what your situation, you will feel pain of some sort in your life. It is an inevitable reality that is constant worldwide. This universal pain can be the pain of regret of something you did or failed to do, or the pain of discipline when you withstand common desires that wreck your progress toward any of life's goals. Pain can also happen to you emotionally if someone you love is in pain or leaves us unexpectedly. Since pain is a part of all of our lives, what are the best ways to deal with it, become stronger from it, or decrease its effects on you? One way is to not neglect today for ANY reason and you will avoid the pain of regret.

Pain of Habits and Discipline - You can use this quote above to perhaps help remind you that eating that cookie will add 100 calories to your diet and that will require and extra 20 minute walk to metabolize. You can also say screw it and enjoy life when you can, but if you are on that journey to achieving a goal, then practicing discipline, avoiding regret, and staying focused on your goal (whatever it is) is the route to success. Having the discipline to skip on the cookie starts off with building a habit that is painful at first. But soon, the habit forms through your disciplined persistence and your pain will decrease to a point that it is insignificant.

Another quote along the lines of the above is "pain is temporary – quitting is forever." Some may remember it as "Pain is temporary – Pride is forever." Championship teams and athletes have used these religiously as they prepare their minds and bodies for exceptional performance.

Long hard days preparing for competition or challenging selection programs has to be the norm in order to see success. Enduring pain and making yourself a harder, stronger, and more resilient competitor is the end result.

No Pain – No Gain - If you remember in the 80's the term "NO Pain – NO Gain" was popular as fitness was starting to become mainstream (not just for athletes). This quote was typically used in the weight room or during hard cardio workouts or races, however, it has since received a negative shadow cast over it as "work smarter – not harder" was developed. Pain in training can be associated with injury, but if applied properly, enduring pain and discomfort is the magic ingredient to success. You might have pain and / or discomfort waking up at 5am or earlier to go train in the weight room, swimming pool, for a run, or to study for a test. Regardless, waking up can be painful, as sometimes the body hurts from previous physical efforts or lack of sleep the night before. If you stay in bed and sleep an hour longer, you will skip on the discomfort of waking up tired, but the pain of skipping that workout will eat at you all day. If it doesn't, then perhaps you are not taking a fitness goal seriously enough OR you have a solid back up plan and you will get it done during lunch or after work. Just Get It Done!

Increased Productivity and No Regret – Many may have created a nice habit for yourself. Maybe you do a workout first thing in the morning? But what happens when you skip that day – either as a nature rest day or because you just slept in by accident? If you are like me, my productivity level is decreased to a point that I may not get much of anything done until noon. However, if that workout is accomplished prior to work, my day starts before 8am and I can get two to three times more accomplished by noon. Sometimes waking up with physical activity is the key to jump starting your day. Do not just rely on a big cup of caffeine.

Pain is Not All Bad – Obviously, pain has gotten a bad rap. No one in their right mind wants to go through pain, but without it you would never grow. You have to endure it, learn from it, become stronger from it, and most of all DO NOT FEAR IT! The fear of pain is much worse than the pain itself when you are reaching for a dream or goal. There is no pain when you are focused on the goal.

Remember -- The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. Now go bust it!

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