How You Can Get Grunt Fit: A fitness app that eliminates guesswork


Grunt Fit is a new mobile application designed to help users achieve their fitness goals by offering a comprehensive, customizable fitness and nutrition plan.

Grunt Fit, a subsidiary of the veteran-run apparel company Grunt Style, aims to stand out from other fitness apps by providing users with a free program that is personalized, easy to understand, and based on the science and success of personal trainers.

Although the app was designed by veterans, it actually targets individuals of all fitness levels. Once a user downloads the app they are prompted to answer questions that will help determine their current fitness level and goals. After identifying a user’s goals, the app creates a personalized workout and nutrition plan.

Grunt Fit differs from other fitness apps because it eliminates consumer guesswork. The app tells users exactly what foods to eat and the exercises to include in each workout. All of the fitness and nutrition plans are based on the experience and knowledge of certified professionals with a track record of success.

“We have daily food plans set up so you know exactly what you are supposed to eat,” said Linda Steele, a certified trainer and nutrition expert with over fourteen years of experience. “We also tell you what you should do in the gym so you never have to wonder if you did enough, or too much.”

The app aims to teach users exactly how to fuel their body with the proper nutrients needed to optimize energy and improve overall function, tone, recovery, and repair.

“A lot of people who are trying to lose weight…do not get the proper nutrients into their bodies,” Steele said. “They mistake ‘eating healthy’ for ‘eating to lose weight.’ Those two ways of eating are not always the same.”

Users may be looking to lose weight, maintain their current weight, and build muscle. Grunt Fit will work with each individual to identify which foods provide the exact combination of protein, carbs, fats and calories necessary for their success.

The fitness plan, like the nutrition program, is direct and easy to follow. There are three workouts and four rest days each week. Every workout starts with twenty minutes of cardio and then focuses on a target muscle group.

Tiffany Allen-Hampton, Army veteran and Grunt Fit President, believes that the app will not only help people get in shape, but that it will also teach people how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“We don’t only want to help them lose weight,” Allen-Hampton said. “We want to prepare them for the rest of their lives.” She also said that Grunt Fit was designed with success and accountability in mind.

“The app is going to tell users what they need to do to be successful,” Allen-Hampton said. “We want to reward the user for their success.”

Grunt Fit boasts the opportunity for users to not only earn badges and share their success on social media, but they can actually earn discounts for apparel from the app’s retail partner, Grunt Style. Grunt Fit also has plans to offer a complete virtual personal trainer  sometime in the future.

The app will be out sometime this fall. For more information, visit

Ashley Ignatz is the Family Readiness Trainer and Volunteer Coordinator at Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow. A military spouse and mother of one, Ashley was named 2017 Spouse of the Year for MCLB Barstow. She is also a freelance writer and has a B.S. in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations from California Polytechnic State San Luis Obispo. 

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