Shut-up and Push Maggot!

Submitted by CPT Stephen C. Fish

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1) The Enemy - Godsmack 2) Superbeast - Rob Zombie 3) Dragula - Rob Zombie 4) Back in Black - AC/DC* 5) Rock and Roll All Night - Kiss 6) TNT - AC/DC* 7) Black Betty - Ram Jam 8) Enter Sandman - Metallica 9) Detroit Rock City - Kiss 10) Girls Got Rhythm - AC/DC* 11) Holier than Thou - Metallica 12) Whatever - Godsmack 13) Moon Baby - Godsmack 14) Bad Religion - Godsmack 15) Temptation - Godsmack 16) Bodies - Drowning Pool

* Not Carried by iTunes

"Play it LOUD! For running, I have the Run to Cadence with the US Army Airborne on my MP3 player. Running is boring and this helps me stay motivated."

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This iPod workout playlist was submitted by member CPT Stephen C. Fish for use with any fitness routine. Find more workout playlists created by members on iTunes.



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