The "Three-Hour" Diet

The "Three-Hour" Diet

The "Get Lean Diet" article kept me busy answering emails about what other options people could use for the three-hour diet. The goal of the low fat, medium carbs, and high protein and fiber diet is to keep the stomach filled by eating every three hours.

If you mix in one or two short workouts in the day you can make your mini-meals protein and carb enriched to replenish your energy level and give the body needed muscle building/fat burning fuel. The chart below will help you with ideas of how to use this diet in your day with a variety of foods. Each one of the blocks represents an idea of what to do for that meal. Do not think you can eat the entire column and still be on the diet -- pick a block and always drink water. For more ideas you can see my motivating diet plan page

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6:30am Meal Options 9:30am Meal Options 12:30 Meal Options
Egg whites, or hard boiled egg whites, whole wheat toast, jam or peanut butter Slimfast meal bar or post workout protein shake Green leafy lettuce Salad with roasted chicken or tuna fish,
Yogurt, milk, cereal (whole wheat grain cereals - multigrains is the best option) Yogurt Smoothie SubWay Sandwich
Lean Meat on whole wheat bagel or bread / toast Lean Meat / cheese wrap Vegetable beef stew
Protein shake or yogurt smoothie Assorted nuts and berries mix - 1 cup Whole wheat pasta and marina sauce
Slimfast meal replacement bar Beans and brown rice/celery sticks and peanut butter & milk Burrito or whole wheat turkey or lean meat wrap
Banana, apple, small carrots, pears or orange Fruit options - 1-2 cups of honeydew or watermelon, and/or cantaloupe Spinach salad with almonds, strawberries, lean meat
Water - 1/2 - 1 qt Water - 1 qt / or green tea (hot or cold) Water - 1 qt / or green tea (hot or cold)
3:30pm Meal Options 6:30pm Meal Options Evening Snack Options
Fruit salad (variety) Chicken, tuna, or fish, lean meat sandwich on wheat bread, no mayo - Water - make up for missing glasses at end of the day to be better hydrated tomorrow
Turkey whole wheat wrap Mixed salads with variety of veges - green leafy lettuce, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, onion Whole wheat bagel
Can of tuna with water Chicken, asparagus or broccoli, brown rice, wheat bread - fruit dessert Whole wheat toast
Milkshake or Myoplex shake Veggie or turkey burger with lettuce, tomato onion, mustard (no mayo) Italian ice
Chopped chicken with hard boiled egg and lettuce or rice Lean sirloin, green or lima beans, salad, whole grain garlic bread, sherbet Low / no fat popcorn
Yogurt smoothie with myoplex protein powder Broiled fish, steamed brown rice, salad Remember the GOAL is to limit fat grams to under 50gms a day and lower carbs to as needed for pre - post workouts
Water 1/2 - 1 qt Water - 1 qt

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