Stew’s Favorites: Swim & Bodyweight Pyramids

Swimming backstroke.

We developed a new workout this week using a theme often used in the swimming workouts by making pyramids of the following distances: 500, 400,300,200,100. Check out the adjustment to exercises and reps:

Warmup with burpee pyramid run: 1 burpee — 50m run, 2 burpee — 50m run, …3,4,5…stop at 10 = 55burpees

Stair crawl — (up /​ down 1 flight in bear crawl mode)

Max Rep Set Workout

Total reps done anyway you want:

100 pullups
200 burpees - burpee warmup /​ cooldown count at 100 reps — so only 100 more
300 squats — no weights
400 abs of choice (flutterkicks, situps, crunches, leg levers, etc)
500 seconds of plank pose (8:20 of plank)

The number above are obtained by max rep setting the exercises in any order you wish and keeping track of the reps completed in your head while training. When done with above — cool down with remaining burpee pyramid.

Stair crawl

Cool down burpees:
9 burpees — run 50m…repeat and return to 1 = 100 total burpees

500m timed CSS
400m hypox at 8–10 strokes per breath
300m = 3 x 100m goal pace CSS
200m — over /​ unders — (swim over using CSS or freestyle 25m /​ the next 25m is underwater or freestyle zero breaths — ONLY DO WITH PARTNER AND LIFEGUARD PRESENT — NEVER ALONE) rest as needed.
100m — sprint any stroke

500m cool down with fins

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