Special Ops Leg Day

Maj. Lisa Jaster, an Army Reserve soldier, performs a fireman's carry on a simulated casualty during the Ranger Course on Ft. Benning, Ga. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Reserve)

When you are trying to build a foundation of cardio endurance as well as muscle stamina for future challenging selection programs, remember that most selections are a "running man's game" or rucking, depending upon your service selection. Here is a workout we do during our running / high repetition cycle that we call Spec Ops Leg Day:

Run 1-2-mile warmup (run or ruck)

Repeat 4 times

Run 1/2 mile fast pace
Squats 1 min
Walking Lunges 1 min
Fireman Carry 50m
Stretch 1 min

Run 1 mile of 100m fast / 50m slow.
(OR Run in soft sand or hills / bleacher sets mixed into 4-5 miles of running)
THEN: Swim and Leg PT

Try the Life Saving Lunges  if you have a partner, but otherwise swim with a shirt in each hand for 25m x 10 / lunge 25m x 10. This is a great way to mix in a lifesaving skill (tested in many programs) as well as to build up leg endurance. Here is how to set up the Swim and Leg PT: (See video link too)

Repeat 5 times
25m rescue buddy
25m walking lunges back to deep end
25m buddy rescues you
25m walking lunges back to deep end

Now, the focus is swimming endurance and technique with and without fins.

Swim 500m without fins (freestyle or side stroke)

Swim 1500m with fins.

If NO SWIM - do a 45 minute ruck for max distance.

All of these elements (run, swim, rucking) are part of what we call the Spec Ops Triathlon.  We actually run these quarterly as a fundraiser for a local community center if you are interested in ever testing out these critical skills of Special Ops Fitness.

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