Coast Guard Fitness

  • Coast Guard Fitness Requirements
    Coast Guard Fitness Requirements|
    Today, with the threat of terrorist attacks on American soil, the Coast Guard stands as our first line of defense against any m...
  • US Coast Guard Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)
    USCG Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)|
    The Coast Guard's weight/physical fitness program is intended to contribute to the fitness and appearance of all Coast Guard me...
  • Coast Guard Basic PFT
    Coast Guard Basic PFT|
    The Coast Guard physical fitness program is designed to ensure that all Coast Guard members have the strength and stamina to sa...
  • Dog Seeks More Good Coasties
    DOG Seeks More Good Coasties
    U.S. Coast Guard|
    The Deployable Operations Group is seeking at least 100 of the Coast Guard's finest junior officers and enlisted personnel to c...
  • MCRDpushup600
    Ask Stew: Fatigue in PT Tests|
    There are a few things that could be contributing to your fatigue or lack of muscle endurance during the pushups and sit-up test.