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Getting Passed 'Girl' Push-Ups

This Memorial Day Workout — will easily be the favorite workout of the week for many weeks to come. In the past few years, the CrossFit world has been naming workouts after American Heroes (Hero WOD). This particular workout is called the Memorial Day Murph and was one of SDV Team 1 SEAL, LT Michael Murphy’s (CMH recipient) workouts he did prior to SEAL training. It just so happens to be one of my long time favorites done with situps vs squats to help prepare for the PST exercises (pullup, pushups, situps)

The “Murph” Workout is the following:

Run 1 mile
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
Run 1 mile
(with or without a 20lb weight vest — depends on your fitness level)

You can get these repetitions any way you wish. Make a circuit of a pyramid, superset, or max rep set workout as listed in these articles.

Our Heroes of Tomorrow Spec Ops group decided to add a bit more to the original Murph and add a few hours of work to the current workout. One of our mottos is: There is no 30 minute workout that prepares you for a day of Spec Ops training. You have to put in your time adding in more running, swimming, and rucking. Working full-​​time in a physical job THEN doing a 30 minute workout will work too, but a 30 minute workout and a nap is not a way to prepare for ANY training.

After you do the original Murph above — add the following 100,200,300 reps, meters, and time to the day:

Memorial Day Multi-​​Murphs

Weight/​PT Version:
100 bench press (@50–70% BW)
200 KB swings
300 Situps

Run 1 mile

Time Version:
100 seconds of flutterkicks
200 secs of walking lunges
300 secs of plank pose

1 mile run

Distance Version
100m of bear crawl
200m of fireman carry (200m each) or farmer walk
300m of burpee /​jumps

1 mile run

This took 2.5 hours and was not that bad if you paced yourself. The only horrible event was the 300m burpee and forward jumps, though the 100m bear crawl was a tough addition too.

Enjoy– it is a beast.

At the end make sure you give LT Michael Murphy a big HOOYAH and a THANK YOU for his sacrifice.

PS — After this one, you may want to take a few days and focus on cardio options like running, swimming, or other non impact options.

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