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Tactical Fitness: Pushups After a Collar Bone Injury


After an injury, getting back to normal can take some time as it is a process that has to follow these steps: Injury Reduce Swelling Healing Regain Full Range of Motion Rebuilding Back to Normal This process can take a few weeks to more than a year depending upon the inury's severity, and if surgery is requ... more

Hydrating for Both Performance and Life

Soldier drinking water out of a canteen

If you have ever been dehydrated, you know the pain, lethargy, and general inability to function it normally induces. Illness can lead to this level of dehydration, but so can long days in the heat, sports practice, manual labor, or military missions. Having enough water in your day is important to staying hydrated, obviously. But, it isn... more

Stroller Warriors Promote Fitness at Fort Belvoir

Stroller Warriors members participate in a March 7, 2013 run.

In 2013, a group of military spouses on Fort Belvoir formed a running club tailor-made for parents that has been growing in membership ever since. The unique organization, Stroller Warriors Fort Belvoir, is part of the global Stroller Warriors network founded by Stephanie Geraghty, who won of Military Spouse Magazine’s 2012 Marine Corps Spouse ... more

Stew's Favorite Fitness Offerings

Fitness and Health Products

I often get emails from beginners starting to exercise or avid training folks like myself asking about what are some of the things I like to use, wear, and listen to when exercising. Here are a few of the many things I like to use. I have been searching the fitness business world for places to put my logo on for customers to wear or use as well... more

The Evolution of Fitness in America

Evolution of Fitness in America

The multi-billion dollar a year industries of fitness / health / nutrition / weight loss have made remarkable revenue gains in the past 30-40 years. However, it seems ironic as the fitness industry grows, so does the average American waistline. Maybe all that money being spent is being wasted to some degree? I recently attended and gave a lectu... more

Beginning A Fitness Lifestyle Change

Beginning A Fitness Lifestyle Change

Several people have emailed me concerned for their general health who have had family members suffer from diabetes, obesity, or high blood pressure/cholesterol. These were people seeking a beginning fitness program that they could get back into shape without hurting themselves in the process. Though I focus primarily on more advanced fitness wri... more

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