Military Health and Fitness

  • Drinking Too Much Water

    Drinking water is essential to living, but there are ways that you can die from drinking too much water.
    Drinking Too Much Water
  • Creatine and Military Training

    Your training programs are effective. Would this program be more affective if I took creatine while doing these workouts?
    Creatine And Military Training
  • What Causes Lower Back Pain?

    Our back side (posterior) of the body sustains a majority of the injuries mainly because we neglect major muscle groups such as rear deltoids / upp...
    What Causes Lower Back Pain
  • Avoiding Diabetes

    Eighteen million Americans have diabetes, but did you know that over 90% of all diabetes cases can either be prevented or significantly delayed?
    Avoiding Diabetes
  • The Importance of Sleep

    The best training plans will not work if sleep and nutrition are neglected.
    Importance Of Sleep Image

Get Fit the Military Way

Training for Ruck Marches

Also known as "forced marches" or "humps", these events are basically walking at a fast pace over rough terrain with a backpack at least 45 lbs in weight.

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Running and Cardio the Military Way

Prevent Running Injuries

Every year, after a few months of decreased running due to winter weather, I receive emails from people who are starting to ache after only a few days of running.

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