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  • Which SpecOps is Right for Me?

    I am debating where to serve? Firefighting EMT, Police SWAT, or Military Special Ops. I know you write about all of them - do you have any advice...
    Which SpecOps is Right for Me?
  • Ace Any Military PFT

    Usually after writing about military physical fitness tests (PFT), I receive several emails about the specific standards of each age group in a par...
    Ace Any Military PFT
  • Ready for Boot Camp?

    Why show up at your boot camp or a service academy unprepared for the physical fitness test?
    Prepare Yourself for Boot Camp
  • Want To Be a SEAL?

    Getting accepted into these groups requires a motivated person -- not only physically fit, but also mentally tough and quick thinking.
    Performing for the Special Forces
  • Take 2:00 Off Your PFT Mile

    If you are a beginner, you should always ramp up distance, pace, and intensity over a six to eight week period.
    Take 2:00 Off Your PFT Mile

Trainer: Stew Smith, Navy SEAL

Perfect Workout Image

Many people like to do calisthenics based workouts using pyramids and super set routines. In fact, with the right mix of exercises you can create a perfect workout that balances the entire body.

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Health & Wellness the Military Way

Important Cholesterol Do's and Don'ts

This week my brother-in-law got a check up as he nears his 40th birthday and was alarmed with elevated cholesterol scores.

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Get Special Operations Fit

Can a Civilian get Navy SEAL Fit?

One day I came across in the internet Navy SEAL fitness books (about one year before enlisting for my obligatory Greek military service).

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