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  • Stew Smith eating an MRE.
    MREs and Ranger School: The Life Blood of the Student
    Ranger School is a classic story of expending too many calories per day and not consuming enough.
  • The Proper Technique for Curl-ups
    How to Master the Two Most Important Exercises For Basic Training
    There are many exercises you can do to prepare for basic training, but none more important than the push-up and sit up.
  • US Coast Guard Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)
    How to Avoid the #1 Mistake in Fitness Testing
    The good news for unprepared candidates and soldiers is that it's possible to help yourself in one month, if not one week.
  • Sprinting on the track.
    Adjust Your Regimen: Increase Speed, Agility, and Combat Conditioning
    Fitness tests throughout the military are evolving into increased speed, agility, and combat conditioning.
  • Lose the Love Handles
    Lose the Love Handles
    The number one item if you will notice is food intake. As with any fitness and health goal - nutrition and exercise are always ...