U.S. Navy Workouts

20 Minute Circuit Workout
7 Tips on Dealing With PFT Anxiety
AM and PM Workouts
Ace Any Military PFT
Achieve Washboard Abs
Add Balance to Your Life
BUD/S Warning Order
Body Composition Tests
Breathing During Exercise
Build Muscle with the Perfect Pushup Workout
Burn More Calories
Cardio Alternatives
Cold Water Training
Creating a Circuit Training Routine
Exercises for Disabled Vets
Fitness for Beginners
Get Back on the Fitness Horse
Get Fit for SEAL Training
Get the Most out of Heart Rate Monitoring
Get to the 'Next Level'
Getting Off the Training Plateau
Getting Ready for the Summer?
Group PFT Training
Gym in a Bag
Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Training
How to Join Naval Special Operations
How to Pass The Service Academy CFA
Interval Training for the PFT Run
Isolation Exercises the Right Way
Knee Injury Prevention
Lose the Love Handles
MMA Metabolic Resistance Workout
Make Fitness a Hobby
Marathon Running Plan
March Madness Monster Mash
March Pushup Madness
Mark Wahlberg's 'Pain & Gain' Workout
Moves to Master Your Golf Swing
Nausea During Workout
Navy Body Composition Assessment
Navy Physical Fitness Program
Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Overview
Navy SEAL Fitness Prep
Navy SEAL Fitness Test
Navy SWCC Fitness Training
Navy Training for Teens
New Special Forces - SpecOps Fitness Test
No Weights at Boot Camp
One Month From PFT
Overcoming Psychological Obstacles
Overwhelmed at Fitness Centers?
PFT - Train for the Transition
PFT Run Workouts
Passing Military Swimming Tests
Perfect Practice for Perfect Push-ups
Perfecting the Pull-up
Popular Swimming Pool Workouts
Preparing for BUD/S
Pull-up Alternatives
Pull-up Push Workout
Quick Exercises for the Morning
Ramp Up for Spec Ops
Ready for Boot Camp?
Remedial Fitness for Military
Resting with Crunches
Special Operations Fitness Prep
Starting a Fitness Routine
Stew Smith's Fitness Training Pipeline
Summer Swimming Workouts
Supersets for Push-ups and Sit-ups
Swimming With Fins
Swimming Without Water
Switching up Your Workouts
TRX - Force Mission Readiness Challenge
Take 2:00 Off Your PFT Mile
The "Common PFT"
The Best Shoulder Workout
The Best Twenty-Minute Workouts
The Combat Swim
The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness
The Five Day Pre-Boot Camp
The Next Level of Push-ups and Pull-ups
The PT Pyramid
The Proper Technique for Curl-ups
The Push-up Push Workout
The Push-up System
The Pushup Challenge
The Strength Builder
The Stretching Plan
The Twelve-Mile Run Plan
Tips for Better Pull-ups
Top 10 Fitness Questions
Top 10 Things to Know Before BUD/S
Top Five Workout Questions
Training for Boot Camp
Training for a Military Career
Treadmills That Train You for Military Fitness Tests
Triathlon Training
U.S. Troops Too Fat to Fight?
Want To Be a SEAL?
Women's Fitness
Working Out Underway
Working Out With a Cold
Special Forces - Special Operations Fitness Test
Workout Plan Gaining Fans at Torii


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