Workout of the Week: Getting Familiar with 100's

If you like a good challenge, try this upper body workout that will push you and force you to "rest" with other activities like core exercises and short runs (100m). Enjoy the challenge.

Warm-up with 100m runs and pushups:

Run 100m easy; Pushups 10-20: repeat until you get 100 pushups. Stretch as needed.

It is fine to mix a few of the exercise ideas and build your own circuit instead of doing one exercise at a time and having to rest too long in between activity. By picking a push exercise with a pull or core exercise, you can "rest" by doing another muscle group. Running 100 meters is another activity that will help you recover for the next set if you want to add them in between sets.

Upper Body 100s:

  • Pullups / Pulldowns 100 (feel free to mix with Pulldowns or rows is 100 pullups is too much)
  • Pushups 100
  • Situps or Crunches 100
  • TRX pushups or Bench Press 100
  • Push Press or military press 100
  • Bicep 100
  • Flutter kicks 100
  • Leg levers 100
  • Scissors 100
  • Bench Dips or Dips 100
  • Rev pushups 100
  • Birds 100
  • Arm Haulers 100

*Pick any calisthenics, core, or weighted upper body workout you prefer. A good goal is to pick

5-6 upper body exercises and 5-6 core activities as listed above.

Lightweight Shoulders

RUN: 100m Fast Runs

Run 2500m in sets of 100m runs spread throughout the workout, or save it as a 100m fast run and 100m walk for 25 sets. This equals roughly a 1.5 mile of total running.  These do not need to be sprint, but should be moderately faster than a slow jog.

SWIM: More 100s

Swim 5 x 100m Warmup -- rest with 1 minute no hand tread or no leg tread to loosen arms.

Repeat 10 times

50m free fast

50m CSS goal pace -- minimal rest.

This workout will take between 90-120 minutes, but can be faster if you work it with minimal rest and just keep moving with an active rest exercise.

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