Continued Health Care Benefit Program

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If you separate from the military voluntarily, you and your family are not eligible to use military treatment facilities or Tricare. However, you may purchase extended transitional health care coverage through the Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP) for up to 18 months of coverage. You have 60 days after leaving the military to enroll in CHCBP. Your coverage will start the day after you are discharged from active duty.

How Does CHCBP Work?

CHCBP is a premium-based health care program that provides medical coverage to a select group of former military beneficiaries. CHCBP is similar to, but not part of, Tricare. The CHCBP program extends health care coverage to the following individuals when they lose military benefits:

  • The service member (who can also enroll his or her family members)
  • Certain former spouses who have not remarried
  • Certain children who lose military coverage

Details on purchasing CHCBP

CHCBP Basics

CHCBP is intended to provide you with continuous health care coverage on a temporary basis following your loss of military benefits. It acts as a bridge between your military health benefits and your new job’s medical benefits so that you and your family will receive continuous medical coverage.

Enrollment and Coverage

You must enroll in CHCBP within 60 days following the loss of entitlement to the Military Health System. To enroll, you will be required to submit:

  • A completed DD Form 2837 (Continued Health Care Benefit Program Application)
  • Documentation requested on the enrollment form, such as DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty), a final divorce decree, and DD Form 1173 (Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card).  Additional information and documentation may be required to confirm an applicant's eligibility for CHCBP.
  • A premium payment for the first 90 days of health coverage

The premium rates for 2023 are $1,813 per quarter for individuals and $4,539 per quarter for families. Humana Military will bill you for subsequent quarterly premiums through your period of eligibility once you are enrolled. The program uses existing Tricare providers and follows most of the rules and procedures of the Tricare Select program.

Depending on your beneficiary category, CHCBP coverage is limited to either 18 or 36 months as follows:

  • 18 months for separating service members and their families
  • 36 months for others who are eligible (In some cases, former spouses who have not remarried may continue coverage beyond 36 months if they meet certain criteria.) 

You may not select the effective date of coverage under CHCBP. For all enrollees, CHCBP coverage must be effective on the day after you lose military benefits.

Go to Humana Military's CHCBP website to learn more.

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