The Murph Plus Devil's Mile 'Suped Up' Challenge

Reservists from the 419th Fighter Wing complete portions of the workout during the wing’s annual Murph Challenge in the Hess Fitness Center at Hill Air Force Base ((U.S. Air Force photo/Thakariah Minson).

If you like hard workouts, you may like this one. We decided to add more exercises to the very popular Murph Workout to make it even more of a full-body workout.

We added crawls, carries and burpees to an already difficult workout. This is not for your average workout enthusiast! If you are finding the Murph to be easy and are able to complete it in a relatively short time -- in 30-40 minutes -- this addition might be a perfect addition.

Add another half mile to the beginning and end runs. Typically, you start the Murph with a 1-mile run and finish with a 1-mile run. Up the ante a bit by making this a 1.5-mile timed run. You can opt to do this with or without a weight vest. My advice depends on your service. If you are in the Army, do 2 miles first, then end with a 1-mile cooldown. If you're a Marine, do 3 miles at either the beginning or the end.

Reminder: The Murph is 1-mile run -- 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats -- 1-mile run.

The Devil's Mile is a 400m bear crawl, 400m lunges, 400m fireman carry, sandbag carry, or farmer walk, 400m burpee broad jump.

Here is our "suped-up" version:

Warmup: 1.5-mile run

Devils Mile -- Broken up with added Murph Events

1) Repeat 4 times

100m bear crawl

Pull-ups max

Pushups 25

2) Repeat 4 times

Walking Lunges 100m

Pull-ups max. Try to get your 100 pull-ups done in less than 8 sets

Pushups 25

3) Repeat 4 times

Fireman carry 100m or farmer walk 100m

Plank pose or sit-ups 1 minute

Squats 50

4) Repeat 4 times

Burpee Broad Jump 100m

Sit-ups 1 min or plank pose

Squats 25

*If you have not finished the pull-ups or pushups, you can pull them into circuits 3 and 4 if needed.

Run 1.5 miles

Once again, this is not a workout for beginners. If you want to challenge your Murph workouts with a combination of another stand-alone workout, give this one a try and see if you can do this in less than 90 minutes -- though it may take closer to two hours. You can make this more difficult with a weight vest or sandbag on the squats and lunges.


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