Workout of the Week: Max Rep Sets PT with Challenges In Between

Lance Cpl. Samuel St. Clair, left, and Sgt. Geirrell Grayer perform pullups while participating in the “Murph” Challenge for Memorial Day on Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa, Japan (Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Douglas Simons/Released).

The Classic 100,200,300 workouts have long been used as max rep set workouts with the following exercises: Pullups 100, Pushups 200, Situps / Crunches 300, however, the newer and more popular version is named after Navy SEAL Michael Murphy in his honor replacing situps with 300 squats.

The goal of the original version was to get the reps in as few sets as possible. In the following workouts, that is still the goal but the “rest” in between each set prolongs the workout and focuses on a variety of tactical movements that are even more important that the three PT exercises you select.  Here is the workout of the week:

  • Warmup run – 1 mile – easy pace / stretch as needed
  • 100 pullups – You have 100 pullups to do in as few sets as possible, but in between each time dropping from the pullup bar, you have to do the following events:
  • ¼ mile run fast or at goal mile pace (no weight)
  • 100m farmer walks carrying two dumbbells or kettlebells or equipment with a handle (40-50lbs each) or 25% of your body weight in each hand.

*You cannot move onto the next exercise until the pullups are completed.

Special Addition – 100 push press with 40-50lbs sandbag or weight, resting with 1 minute situps with that weight on your chest each time you have to stop doing push presses.

*You cannot move onto the next exercise until the push presses are completed

200 pushups – you have 200 pushups to do in as few sets as possible, but in between each time stopping to rest at pushups, you have to do the following events:

  • ¼ mile run with weight vest, ruck, or carrying sandbag over the shoulder.
  • Fireman Carry 100m (split with partner) or farmer walks up/down flight of stairs 5 times.
  • 1 minute plank pose

300 abs of choice – You have a 2-minute limit to performing situps, flutterkicks, or other core exercises of choice, but in between each two minute set, you have to do the following events:

  • 100m walking lunges with 25-50lbs weight extended over your head (or rested on your head if needed)
  • Bear crawl 50m

*You cannot move onto the run section until the abs of choice are completed.

Run 1 mile as best you can – record your time. (no weight added)

Enjoy the workout.  Get creative with your normal Murph or 100,200,300 workout and add in a variety of exercises and movements to better prepare for different events in your future training programs.  For instance, the special addition to the workout (push presses) is just another exercise that is often seen in special ops selection programs in the form of log pt. Plus it is good to add exercises in as many planes or directions of effort as possible.

This workout as written would be considered a full body day and it is best to do a cardio only or recovery / mobility day before or after such a workout for best results and recovery.

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