Workout of the Week: Just Add Stairs to Make it KILLER

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This week we added stairs to two normal workout lift / PT workouts. The stairs added both a cardio and muscle endurance/stability effect to the day. Check it out and when you want to push yourself a little harder - JUST ADD STAIRS.

Upper body Workout: Easy Pushup Pyramid Warmup 1-10: Equals 55 total pushups: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - with a short 25m jog in between.

Repeat 5 times

Bench Press - 5 (heavy) or do 20 TRX Atomic Pushups

Pullups / Pulldowns Mix - total of 20 reps (Combine the two to get 20 reps - if you can do 20 pullups you are done. Mix it with 10/10, 15/5 ...etc up to you.

Staircrawls - Bear crawl down a flight of stairs head first - backwards bear crawl UP a flight of stairs feet first. (or bear crawl 50m if no stairs)

see link:

Repeat 5 times

Heavy rows 10

Bicep/military press 10

Hanging Knees 10-15

or Abs of choice 1 minute

After the Lift / PT / Crawl, then get your choice of cardio. We did the following:

Run 20 minutes - first 10 minutes fast / last 10 minutes easy

and Swim 20 minutes for max distance

The OTHER way to add stair climbing is on LEG DAY. We try to "rest" in between squat and deadlift sets with farmer walks up/down a flight of stairs (or step ups) for 2 minutes. Stair-step machine is fine too.

Try this specifically:

After any leg circuit or heavy set, grab a moderately heavy dumbbell or weight in one hand. Walk up and down a flight of steps, stair stepper machine, or do step-ups onto a bench if you do not have either available for 1-2 minutes.  Work on balance, core stability by walking straight and upright throughout the farmer walk/carry process. You will find that this “rest” will degrade your next lift a little especially if you are working on heavyweight with maximum effort lifts for 1-5 repetitions.  Depending on your goal, you can take out the lift portion altogether, mix in a set of running or biking and calisthenics legs like lunges and squats -then do the stair walks with weight in hand or just run up and down a flight of stairs for a few minutes to top off any leg day. \

However, if you want the ultimate Spec Ops level topping off a leg day, either put on a ruck and walk/shuffle for 30-45 minutes or swim with fins for 1500-2000m.  That is how to top off a leg day – especially if you are preparing for a military or police SWAT selection type program that requires load bearing walks/runs and long distance swimming with gear.


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