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Help Keep the Lights On With SEL

SEL specializes in creating digital products and systems that protect, control, and automate electric power systems. Our technology protects critical infrastructure from modern threats, including environmental dangers, cyber attacks, and increasing system complexity.

Join us in our mission to ensure the safe, reliable, and economical delivery of electrical power to people around the world.

Driven by a Mission That Matters

Our products affect critical infrastructure worldwide—and our commitment to reliability and quality extends from the devices our customers rely on to the environment where our devices are created.

 Our actions are driven by a shared set of values that define the way we do our daily work.

SEL employees are given the freedom, training, and tools necessary to do their jobs well. And because we know that our customers don’t have to keep buying our products, we never stop at just “good enough.” We keep them coming back by delivering the highest quality products and solutions and providing outstanding service and support.

As a 100 percent employee-owned company and one of Forbes’ top 10 employers in the state of Washington, SEL invests in the health, wellbeing, and happiness of all its employees. SEL offers competitive compensation packages, and all employees in the United States qualify for our employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) after one year of employment.

Value-Driven Careers

SEL offers a wide range of positions where the skills and discipline you developed in the military can be a career asset.

  • Engineering positions—Our engineering teams work in various disciplines to invent, improve, and implement cutting-edge technologies in SEL products and systems.
  • Manufacturing positions—Build and support world-class electronic devices with teams of dedicated people in assembly, quality control, process improvement, and more.
  • Business positions—Our business teams find challenge and reward in sales and marketing, finance, human resources, supply chain management, and more.
  • Internships—We offer paid internships to college students of any age or life stage in every facet of our business, helping you turn your degree into a career.

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The skills and experience you gained in the military are your greatest assets—but communicating them in a civilian context may require some translation. These resources can help:

Own Your Career Path

Our jobs have well-defined career ladders; with regular one-on-one meetings with your supervisor, you have a guide to different advancement paths. And because we understand that you may still be discovering what kind of work you enjoy in the civilian world, you’re never locked into a single career path.

Once you’re here, if you discover that a different role or career path would be a better fit, our teams will help you get there. We offer job shadowing, apprenticeships, tuition assistance for job-related education programs, and opportunities to advance based on what you’ve learned on the job.

Our PATH career development program provides diverse opportunities for skill building and career development at any stage in your career.


SEL strives to offer the best possible health insurance for our employees around the world, with localized health benefit plans for medical, dental, and vision care. The company pays a high portion of the overall premiums, minimizing your cost as much as possible. Basic life insurance, AD&D insurance, and disability benefit premiums are paid by SEL.

Benefits also include free access to medical clinics on the SEL Pullman and Lewiston campuses, fitness centers in multiple SEL offices, and discounted access to local fitness centers. SEL also offers annual flu shots and a slate of wellness programs that focus on fun, health, and education.

Employees in the United States have 11 paid company holidays every year. (Those employed outside the U.S. have a similar benefit with local holidays.)

We provide generous paid vacation and sick time as well as leave for special situations like welcoming a new child, recovering from a serious health condition, or caring for a family member. Paid time off begins to accrue on the first day of employment.

About SEL

SEL invents, designs, and builds digital products and systems that protect power grids around the world. Headquartered in Pullman, Washington, the company has manufactured its products in the United States since it was founded in 1984.

SEL manufactures electronic devices and components in five locations: Pullman, WA, where our R&D and testing facilities are also located; Lewiston, ID; Moscow, ID; Lake Zurich, IL; and West Lafayette, IN. We provide expert engineering services and customer support from 100+ field offices in the United States and around the world. Assembled SEL products travel directly from our hands to where they need to be, so we know that our customers can rely on them to keep critical systems fully operational.