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Our Commitment

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Radius Recycling is committed to hiring and retaining service men and women and their spouses – just ask our almost 10 percent of employees who are veterans.

Radius Recycling is a great place to develop a challenging, rewarding, and meaningful career with a wide range of job opportunities for people at all stages of their careers. As a growing company, there are always new opportunities to put your drive, passion, work ethic and loyalty to use.

About Us

As a global leader in the thriving metals recycling industry, Radius Recycling is an exciting place to be. Our fast-paced environment features challenging and rewarding work, strong teamwork and a commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer service. At Radius Recycling \, it’s not uncommon to see experienced employees who have been with us for over 30 years working side-by-side with recent hires who constantly bring new ideas and energy into the company.

Radius Recycling is also a great place to develop your career with a wide range of job opportunities for people at all stages of their careers. As a growing company, there are always opportunities to explore new areas and take on new challenges through internal transfers and promotions. Our comprehensive benefits packages take care of the health and welfare of our employees and their families so they can continue to help drive our company’s success.

Hear From Our Team Members

Scott Jacoby, Vice President Health & Safety:

“I'm proud to have served as a U.S. Army Military Policeman for six years. The regimented life that instilled the values of respecting others, perseverance through difficulty and maintaining a strong work ethic was perfect for this former buck Sergeant and is perfect for a career at Radius Recycling.”

Mat Cusma, Director of Environmental Remediation:

“Serving in the military instills a sense of leadership in you like no other experience I know. Whether you served as a private, an NCO, or an officer, the military gave you opportunities and obligations to step up, to take initiative, and to work your way through challenging problems, often under pressure and in difficult conditions.

You learned to work as part of a team, relying on each other’s strengths, and depending on your fellow soldiers, not to let their buddies down. Wherever your post-military life takes you, whatever kind of work you tackle next, those hard-earned skills make you valuable to your employer and give you the confidence to overcome whatever new challenges come your way.”

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